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Lydia Wilson lived her short life to the full. Although she suffered from a rare form of cancer, she never complained and always had a cheeky grin on her face!
She captured the hearts of many people with her infectious laugh and was inseparable from her devoted twin sister Naomi.
Lydia's favourite drink was blackcurrant fruit shoots, which she drank by the dozen, and any food that she managed to eat had to be covered in tomato sauce!

Lydia loved music and enjoyed listening to anything that had a beat. Her favourite TV programme was Pippin the dog on C Beebies and also her beloved Tweenies.

Lydia was a very special girl who suffered a lot of pain, she spent a big proportion of her last 3 years in Alderhey hospital on both the neurosurgical and oncology wards, and then her final days at claire House childrens hospice.
Throughout all this time Lydia kept us entertained with her funny little ways and amazing stamina, until on the 13th of July 2009, the fight became too much for her, and she passed away peacefully in the arms of Mummy and Daddy.

Lydia was a true inspiration to us all. A gift from heaven x

In the time following Lydia's passing, her parents, Dave & Jackie have been very keen to raise funds for Claire House Hospice where she frequently stayed during the battle with her illness.

We, her fathers colleagues at Royal Mail in Crewe are determined to help them achieve this aim and raise as much money as possible as a fitting tribute to Lydia's memory